Feedback Loops for Common Core State Standards Implementation

These tools were released during an American Diploma Project webinar on June 25, 2012 attended by teams from 16 states that represent both the Smarter Balanced and PARCC assessment consortia. The tool is part of an evolving suite of resources under development to support states in their CCSS implementation.

We encourage you to share the Common Core Survey Tool and the accompanying guidance with your colleagues around the country to ensure that implementation of new standards in every state, district and classroom is as effective and successful as possible. We welcome your feedback and questions.

Achieve, Education First, and EDI provided a presentation via Webinar on June 25, 2012 to members of the American Diploma Project Network. It covers the purpose, content, and potential uses of the tool. 

The guidance document explains the context of the tool, methods for customization and use, and suggestions for how to use the data to make mid-course corrections. 

The survey item bank includes survey questions tailored to teachers and school leaders. State leaders can use the item bank as a base for creating customized surveys.