Delivery Approach

The “delivery approach” (also known as “deliverology”) is a proven, practical methodology for implementing reform in the public sector.

About 10% of successful education reform is choosing the right policy; 90% of the work is actually implementing the reform. Delivery is a roadmap for the 90%.

American education has an “implementation gap.” Well-intentioned policy ideas frequently fail to have the desired impact on student outcomes. Delivery helps to fill that gap because it:

  • Insists on clear student outcome goals, and then connects everything back to those goals via just-detailed-enough plans that actually drive the work day-to-day
  • Emphasizes the need for someone to monitor performance against the goals (the delivery unit
  • Makes sense of data so it can be used for decision making, and establishes “routine” checks on progress so leaders don’t lose focus on the goal
  • Forces leaders to articulate the “delivery chain” of relationships through which implementation has to happen, from the leader to the student
  • Recognizes that most change in education comes through winning the support of staff and stakeholders, and building their capacity

For an in-depth understanding of delivery, read our new book, Deliverology in Practice. Or, for a comprehensive suite of tools and resources which will enable you to apply delivery in your own context click here.

1 - Develop a Foundation for Delivery2 - Understand the Delivery Challenge3 - Plan for Delivery4 - Drive delivery5 - Create an Irreversible Culture